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Monthly Archives: September 2017

Diabetes and gum disease: is there a link?

teeth health smile dentistA study in mice has shown a link between diabetes-related changes in mouth bacteria can cause periodontitis (gum disease).

Key takeaways:

– Controlling blood sugar helps prevent these changes.

– Talk to your dentist about this link with diabetes.

– Practice good oral hygiene – brushing and flossing regularly – to prevent these complications.

Read the full story here:

Self-diagnosis with Super Gum

teeth, smile,dentist, healthNew self-diagnosis tools are being developed in the form of a chewing gum which indicates if someone has an inflammatory condition in the mouth. This should lead to early diagnosis and treatment, preventing tissue damage and possible bone loss.

Key takeaways

– Dental implants can occasionally trigger an inflammatory response

– Schedule regular checkups so your dentist can monitor your teeth and general oral health

– Seek help immediately if you experience any dental problems

Early treatment of any problem is always advisable.

“If there is an inflammation in the oral cavity, a bittering agent is released while chewing the gum.”


Why you should have regular oral cancer screenings

teeth, smile, dentist, healthAt what age should you be screened for oral cancer? Although uncommon, patients of oral cancer usually suffer from it unknowingly. That is why we all need regular oral cancer screening.

Key takeaways:

– 18 is the age where you are supposed to start going for screenings.

– Tobacco users are at a higher risk of oral cancer and should attend screenings as soon as they start smoking.

– Symptoms include; soreness on gums, mouth lining, throat and tongue.

Avoid smoking and ask your dentist to assess you, during teeth check up.

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