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Why You Need the Best Teeth Whitening Treatment

Everyone wants whiter teeth. Apparently, people do often equate whiter teeth with better health as well as better personal hygiene. Sadly, constant use along with the normal course of growing old cause teeth to lose their natural whiteness. Thus, for many, having to go to the dentist, or the spa, for regular teeth whitening treatments has become somewhat a matter of necessity. Fortunately for those in the area, there is the best teeth whitening London right at Mill Hill where Smiles by Hillside offer patients Zoom! Whitening Technology, a laser-activated system utilizing a hydrogen peroxide gel compound that gently bleaches stains away in your enamel and dentine. Zoom! Whitening treatments are capable of whitening teeth by as much as 8 shades, but your dentist will control the whitening to ensure you achieve the most pleasing, natural results that is aesthetically appropriate for your overall tone and condition.

With best teeth whitening London, you get from Smiles by Hillside the latest, most effective in-clinic tooth whitening procedure available. With Zoom! Whitening Technology, your teeth will become visibly whiter after just one session, typically lasting an hour, more or less. Each session is divided into three individual applications of the Zoom tooth whitener, with the duration of each application being 15 minutes. Preparatory and post treatment activities round the total treatment time to about 60 minutes. At Smiles by Hillside, the following steps are observed for the procedure: teeth cleaning to ensure the most complete whitening and checking of gum and teeth surfaces; preparation of soft tissues to protect during the whitening procedure; checking that protective eye wear is in place; application of the Zoom! whitening gel; and exposure of gel to Zoom! Light to activate whitening agents. Following your Zoom! Whitening, a quick fluoride treatment will be done to help strengthen your teeth and preserve your new whiter smile.

As performed by our dentists at Smiles by Hillside, the in-office Zoom! Whitening procedure is pain-free, although some patients may experience some short-term teeth sensitivity. This is temporary and should disappear 1-3 days after your whitening. For best teeth whitening London, you will be directed by your attending dentist on proper after-care routines that will preserve your newly white smile, including how to use the Zoom! Take-home gel for touch-ups whenever needed. It may be that in certain instances, some patients may be found not to be suitable candidates for the in-office whitening. If that will be the case for you, your dentist may recommend whitening with the take-home kit. This alternative is far superior to over-the-counter solutions offered in your local drug store, which may have safety issues, unpredictable results or cause you discomfort. Your dentist will provide you with instructions and supervise your use of the Zoom! Whitening take-home kit, which can achieve up to 6 shades whiter teeth after only three applications.

Even with the best teeth whitening London, your teeth would eventually become discolored again because of regular consumption of coffee, tea, other colored drinks and food as well as because of the normal aging process. Maintenance whitening with the Zoom! Whitening take-home kit can help slow down the recurring discoloration.

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