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One of the most, if not the most, common oral complaint is bad breath. Millions of dollars are spent in advertising every year convincing the buying public that one product is better than another in warding off the horror of bad breath.

The truth is that fresh breath can't be achieved until the cause of the bad breath is conquered. In cases of one-time bad breath due to eating odoriferous foods such as onions or garlic, a breath mint or quick mouthwash swish will mask the problem. But, the overwhelming cause of bad breath is bacteria, and only regular, proper teeth cleaning – at home and performed by your dental hygienist – will control it.

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Bad breath that is persistent – not just the occasional morning-mouth - is often a symptom of oral disease, such as gingivitis.  As bacteria multiply without being neutralised by good oral hygiene, the produce foul gasses that mix with your breath, creating the unpleasant odour. 

Ridding yourself of bad breath and greeting the world with fresh breath is as simple as brushing and flossing twice a day and having regular visits to your dental hygienist. The plaque that forms on your teeth cannot all be removed by home dental care; it requires the cleaning techniques used by your hygienist.

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If you suffer from persistent bad breath, contact us for an oral health evaluation – protect yourself from gum disease!

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