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Cerec 3D is an entirely digitised, multi-phase restoration system that allows your dentist to produce exact replicas of your teeth in a single office visit. This state-of-the-art process utilises computerised digital imaging to design a 3-dimensional virtual model of your tooth.

Under your Smiles by Hillside dentist’s skilled, highly trained direction, this virtual model is milled in-house from blocs of the highest quality dental ceramic to create crowns, inlays, onlays, and veneers for beautifully natural-looking restorations.

The tremendous benefits of the Cerec 3D system include the following:

  • Dramatic reduction of patient wait times in restorative treatments
  • Reduced costs to beneficial patients
  • Reduction of repeat visits to complete treatments

Cerec 3D allows restoration treatments to follow an uninterrupted path:

  • Examination and Treatment Plan established
  • Administer Anaesthetic and Prepare Tooth
  • Digital Impression taken
  • Cerec 3D software converts the digital image to a 3-dimensional virtual model.
  • Your dentist designs your restoration on-screen & sends the design data to the Milling Unit.
  • A ceramic block of your tooth’s colour is milled within minutes, replicating your tooth exactly.
  • The restoration crown, inlay or veneer is polished and bonded into place

The technology and accessibility of our Cerec 3D restoration system allow us to give you superior results in a fraction of the time. Our use of premium ceramic materials will enable us to create exceptional restorations that are a perfect fit and colour match, with excellent strength and resilience – all within significantly reduced treatment times.

Cerec 3D is part of our ever-continuing pursuit of better technology, service, and dentistry.

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