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Regarding your family’s oral health and smiles, you deserve nothing less than the best dental care. Smiles by Hillside understand different stages of life brings unique dental needs. This is why we treat every member of your family compassionately and individually. From preventive services and emergency dentistry to more advanced procedures such as crowns, bridges and implants, the team at Smiles by Hillside are committed to providing your entire family with superb care. When you visit our team for family dentistry, you and your family members will receive the comprehensive care you need to maintain excellent oral health, and personalised, one-on-one attention. A primary focus of our family dental practice is preventive care, which we firmly believe is imperative to optimal oral health.

Being treated by a compassionate dental team that understands the needs of young children provides a solid foundation for their future oral health and, ultimately, their smile. Through routine examinations, hygiene therapy if required, cavity detection, fillings, facilitating proper tooth eruption and jaw development, and orthodontics, we love creating positive dental experiences for children. We understand developing a fear-free, and positive relationship with toddlers sets the stage for a lifetime of good oral health.

We routinely recommend dental sealants to help strengthen your children’s teeth and significantly reduce the risk of decay. We also offer custom mouthguards for sports and other physical activities. Dental care during your child’s adolescent years is critical because of the lifelong effect it will have on their oral health.

While we always try to save a tooth, sometimes a loose, cracked, or an otherwise damaged tooth needs to be extracted. Sometimes the nerve in a tooth dies and the tooth, as well as the gum and bone around it, become severely infected. Other times people’s mouths are not large enough to fit all their teeth, as is often the case with wisdom teeth.

Our dentists gently remove your tooth during this procedure, careful not to disturb healthy bone or gum tissue. After extraction, our team will help you find the most beneficial tooth replacement option to fit your needs and lifestyle, such as a bridge, partial denture, or dental implant.

Composite dental fillings are a metal-free alternative to conventional amalgam fillings. Composite is the colour of your natural teeth and is just as durable as traditional fillings for a solid and attractive result. This metal-free option also eliminates the risk of allergic reactions or health issues related to mercury release.

Composite tooth-coloured fillings come in many shades, so they closely match the colour of natural teeth. They are bonded into place and require less removal of healthy tooth structure than silver fillings.

As with any filling, having a tooth-coloured filling involves some inherent risks both to the remaining tooth structure and to the tooth-coloured filling itself:

  • limited because they seal a tooth but do not prevent it from breaking
  • may fracture; the more significant the tooth-coloured fillings, the greater the risk of fracture

Removable dentures are a cost-effective and popular method for replacing several teeth (partial denture) or all of your natural teeth (complete denture). Implant-supported dentures are a more optimal solution that eliminates the negative issues associated with dentures. We frequently use the All-on-4 approach, which relies on a minimum of four dental implant posts that support a crafted row of teeth custom-fitted to your mouth.

Even under the best circumstances, a complete denture does not have the same chewing efficiency as natural teeth.

Severe decay, cracks, and root canal therapy can compromise the strength of a tooth and cause pain and discomfort. A crown surrounds the visible portion of your comprised natural tooth to protect it and reduce the risk of further complications.

Dental crowns offer several advantages, including:

  • Restoring strength to a damaged tooth
  • Improving tooth size, shape, and colour
  • Repairs tooth after severe decay
  • Preserves tooth after root canal therapy
  • Restores a dental implant

If you’ve lost a tooth but are not entirely ready to commit to a dental implant, a dental bridge is your next best-fixed option for single or multiple teeth. A dental bridge spans the gap that a missing tooth creates and attaches to your natural teeth on either side. The bridge includes an artificial tooth seamlessly anchored to your existing teeth for proper fit and alignment. The teeth adjacent to the artificial tooth require dental crowns to provide adequate support. Once the restorations are ready, the bridge with the artificial tooth is attached to the crowned teeth. Dental bridges can also be attached to dental implants instead of adjacent natural teeth.

The benefits of dental bridges:

  • Restores function and aesthetics
  • Improves chewing, speech and overall oral health
  • Eliminates unsightly gaps in your smile
  • It keeps the remaining teeth from shifting
  • Prevents bone loss from missing teeth
  • It helps maintain the natural shape of your face

We offer a variety of emergency dental treatments at Smiles by Hillside, including root canal therapy, repair of a loose or lost filling, and treatment of painful infections, to name a few. We sincerely hope you never need any emergency dentistry services from us. However, if you should require immediate care, count on our team to treat you with the sense of urgency and compassion you need at a difficult time. We’ll make space in our schedule to see you the same day whenever possible.

We Want You to Relax

Sedation is offered to the anxious, fearful, or young patient. It is a management technique that uses medications to assist the patient in coping with fear and anxiety. Sedation is both safe and effective when administered by our trained professionals.
We can offer sedation and complete most or all of your dentistry, including dental implants and cosmetic procedures, while you are sedated.
Due to the relaxing effects of the medication, patients must have a friend or family member bring them to the practice and return them home after their procedures.

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