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These revolutionary treatment options combine proven orthodontic techniques and resilient modern materials to provide exceptional results in shortened treatment times that fit your lifestyle.

Six-Month Smiles

Six-Month Smiles takes proven orthodontic techniques to innovative new heights, combining a proprietary braces system with low-force dynamics to produce reliably reduced treatment times and beautifully accurate results.

Transforming smiles around the world, Six-Month Smiles offers you a quick escape from your hidden-smile dilemma.

Advanced factors that set Six-Month Smiles apart include:

  • 6-month average treatment time
  • Low Force technique for safe, comfortable, reliable treatment
  • Barely visible Lucid-Lok™ clear brackets for truly discreet treatment
  • Tooth colour-matched wires for accurate, barely visible adjustments
  • Six-Month Smiles Patient Tray Kits™ for fast, comfortable appointments

You might be asking:

Six-Month Smiles™ uses low-force proven orthodontic techniques to produce beautifully aligned front teeth cosmetic results.  The force and treatment times required to effect changes in appearance, but not bite, are substantially less – allowing rapid, predictable results.

The low-force dynamics used with the Six-Month Smiles™ system ensure that your treatment is comfortable throughout.  Additionally, your dentist will discuss your comfort concerns before and during your treatment, offering solutions to any discomfort you encounter.  Six-Month Smiles braces are well-known for their ease of treatment, from the barely-there, nearly invisible look to the freedom from pain.

Six-Month Smiles™ will not disappoint. Designed for adult needs, this innovative braces system uses the proprietary Lucid-Lok™ clear brackets with special nickel titanium wires that are colour-matched to your tooth colour for a barely visible appearance. You can feel confident throughout your treatment that the only noticeable thing about your treatment is your ever-improving smile!

No, Six-Month Smiles™ uses lower force to affect alignment changes than traditional orthodontics and rarely involves extractions, so the risk to teeth, roots and gums is shallow.

Any teeth straightening treatment, including Six-Month Smiles™, involves wearing a retainer to maintain the new alignment of your teeth. We can place a bonded retainer if you don’t wish to wear a removable retainer. These options and your preferences can be discussed with your dentist before, during or after your treatment.

This is the easy part!  Just contact us for a consultation and candidacy evaluation.  Most adults (15 years or older) are excellent candidates for Six-Month Smiles™ braces.  If crooked teeth or teeth mar your smile with gaps, and you are not looking for a significant alteration to your bite, Six-Month Smiles™ may be the perfect solution for your beautifully natural smile.

Invisible Braces in Mill Hill

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Invisalign is a leading-edge orthodontic treatment that allows tremendous freedom to pursue teeth straightening in comfort and complete privacy. Utilising a system of custom-created clear aligners designed to move your teeth progressively, Invisalign is a proven, highly effective treatment for teens and adults who suffer from crooked or gapped teeth.

Your Invisalign treatment plan will involve several steps:

  • A consultation appointment with your Smiles By Hillside dentist to evaluate your treatment
  • Take x-rays, pictures, impressions, and 3-D images of your teeth
  • View virtual 3-D treatment plan, ClinCheck®
    – see your new smile from start to finish!
  • Create multiple, fully-customised, clear BPA-free plastic aligners for progressive re-alignment
  • Begin treatment – wear each new aligner for approx. two weeks
    – 20/22 hours daily
  • Attend follow-up appointments, usually every six weeks,
    to confirm progress
  • Complete treatment – typically 10-12 months for adults

Invisalign teeth straightening is a globally-used, highly effective and exceptionally comfortable treatment that offers superior results – invisibly! The tremendous benefits to your oral health and the simplicity of treatment make Invisalign one of the most oft-recommended, successful teeth straightening treatment choices.

Invisalign Benefits include:

  • Crystal clear aligners are virtually invisible – no one notices you’re straightening your teeth!
  • Smooth, comfortable, BPA-free plastic is non-irritating to cheeks or gums
  • Easy removal – eat what you want – brush and floss your teeth normally
  • Easy to clean aligners – brush and rinse in lukewarm water
  • Play contact sports safely – no wires to cut you!
  • Need to wear a protective mouth guard? Remove your aligner
    – and play on!
  • Watch your smile become more beautiful with each new clear aligner
    – see your progress every time you look in the mirror!

Invisalign pricing is no-surprise, all-inclusive with treatments starting from just £1,895 – Plus, receive FREE teeth whitening!

We would be delighted to discuss the many benefits of using Invisalign as your beautiful smile solution.


Smilelign® is a clear orthodontic aligner system that has pioneered the integration of advanced software with 3-D CADCAM technology to produce invisible aligners and highly precise treatment plans.  Using the latest technology on the UK dental market, Smilelign® produces predictable results through wearing progressive aligners.

We understand your desire to improve your smile without the embarrassment of traditional braces, with their metal wires and teeth bands.   Smilelign® is an exceptional adult orthodontic solution that allows you to pursue straightening your crooked or gapped teeth discreetly.  The only thing anyone will notice is how your smile becomes more and more beautiful each day.

Your dentist will conduct an evaluation of your unique teeth straightening issues to determine if clear aligners are the recommended treatment option.  Utilising a 3-D scanner, your treatment plan is developed from an analysis of the range of movement required to effect optimum results.

Once the number of aligners necessary to complete treatment is determined, they will be created based on the precision 3-D digital images.

A unique element of the Smilelign® clear aligner straightening system is the Pre-Aligner, which is a clear aligner made of the same high quality materials as your treatment aligners, but are “passive-fit”.  This means that they are not designed to move your teeth, but rather give you the opportunity to experience how it will feel to wear your treatment aligners.  This pre-treatment ‘trial’ usage can allow you to more quickly adapt to your upcoming treatment period.

Your Smilelign® treatment will consist of wearing multiple clear aligners that will progressively move your teeth to the prescribed alignment.  Each aligner is worn 2-3 weeks – or until the aligner slips on and off with ease, as your teeth will completely match the aligner’s configuration.  Treatment times can range from 6 to 12 months, depending upon your unique straightening needs.  Your clear aligners straighten your teeth through small, incremental movements that allow you to experience your treatment plan comfortably.

From your initial teeth straightening consultation and evaluation through to the completion of your treatment, you will have the continual support of your dentist and our professional staff to ensure that you are informed, comfortable, and happy with your treatment.

Smilelign® clear aligners offer you the ability to undertake straightening your teeth with the confidence that you will look your best throughout your treatment – and at completion will enjoy the benefits of a beautiful, healthy smile.

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