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Being treated by a compassionate dental team that understands the needs of young children provides a solid foundation for their future oral health and, ultimately, their smile. Through routine examinations, hygiene therapy if required, cavity detection, fillings, facilitating proper tooth eruption and jaw development, and orthodontics, we love creating positive dental experiences for children. We understand developing a fear-free and positive relationship with toddlers sets the stage for a lifetime of good oral health.

We routinely recommend dental sealants to help strengthen your children’s teeth and significantly reduce the risk of decay. We also offer custom mouthguards for sports and other physical activities. Dental care during your child’s adolescence is critical because of its lifelong effect on oral health.

Dental phobia is a significant issue for many adults; many fear a visit to the dentist, usually due to a traumatic dental experience in childhood.

It is essential that your child feels comfortable visiting the dentist, and the earlier, the better – we recommend a visit when the first teeth arrive so that your child gets used to the surroundings. We can advise on healthy diets and good tooth-cleaning techniques.

As your child grows up, we will continue to offer preventive advice and keep a check on their dental health and development. Hopefully, we can set and keep them on the road to a disease-free mouth for life.


Prevention of dental disease in children should begin when the first tooth appears. When the teeth are in the mouth, they should be cleaned gently with a soft brush and a tiny amount of children’s fluoride-containing toothpaste.

Children are highly susceptible to dental decay, and the aim to deliver a child into adulthood with sound teeth requires active prevention from the outset.

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Regular Visits

Regular dentist visits are essential in identifying and treating any problems at an early stage, whether caused by disease or development. We recommend that all children from the age of 2 yrs should attend for examination every six months. From an early age, we can guide parents about good cleaning and dietary habits.

As the child grows, they gradually take responsibility for their dental hygiene. We recommend that all children see a hygienist twice a year from the stage where the adult teeth start to appear (approximately 6 yrs) to help reinforce good preventative habits.

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