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Fillings are utilised when tooth decay damages your teeth. Neglect can range from tiny caries revealed only through sophisticated techniques to substantial tooth degeneration easily seen by the naked eye.

Your highly skilled Smiles by Hillside dentists routinely search all your teeth for cavities combining careful visual examinations with x-rays to discover decay. Tooth decay can be slowed or eliminated through the regular use of fluoride toothpaste and flossing, along with keeping your regularly scheduled hygienist and dental appointments.

When a cavity is discovered, your dentist will explain and recommend the need for a filling and the various materials available and recommended for your case. These materials will include high-quality dental ceramics, composites, and precious metals. Smiles by Hillside is an amalgam-free practice, so it does not offer silver amalgam fillings. If you have older amalgam fillings, your dentist may discuss and recommend the replacement of these now-controversial fillings with safer, more robust materials, such as ceramics or composites.

Ceramic and composite filling materials offer the exclusive aesthetics of being able to be colour-matched to the tooth being filled. This allows for a filling that is virtually “invisible”. Your dentist and a dental technician will place and sculpt your filling to perfectly match the contours of your tooth while also accurately matching your bite alignment.

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Your filling treatment will typically involve a single appointment once your tooth decay is established by your dentist and will include several steps:

  • Oral numbing agent injection
  • Removal of decayed tooth material
  • Placement of filling material
  • Shaping filling material & checking bite alignment
  • Polishing your filling

If you suffer from anxiety or are nervous about your treatment process, please know that we understand and want you to be comfortable throughout your treatment. Your dentist can discuss solutions that can allow you to have a relaxed, assured treatment experience.

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