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Fast Braces are a genuinely innovative wire-and-bracket orthodontic teeth straightening treatment system capable of proven, exceptional results in dramatically reduced treatment times. Whether you suffer from simple or more complex teeth straightening issues, Fast Braces may be the perfect solution.

Traditional metal braces operate on the principle of effecting movement of the crown of each out-of-alignment tooth followed by moving the root of each tooth. This can involve extensive treatment times, as well as often compounded discomfort.

Fast Braces uses a proprietary patented system of innovative brackets and specially-shaped wires to produce a unique operational principle where the crown and root are realigned simultaneously.  This reduces treatment times, sometimes even by half, while also reducing the risk to teeth and gums possible with extended, years-long treatment times.

The unique design of Fast Braces includes a triangular bracket and elbow-shaped wires that produce critical torque-and-tip forces to the tooth’s root.  This equalised applied force means you experience much less discomfort than traditional braces.

Fast Braces in Mill Hill

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Extremely Safe

Increases Confidence

Increases Self Esteem

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A smile marred by crooked or gapped teeth can seriously jeopardise your self-confidence.

We know correcting these misaligned teeth offers tremendous benefits to your self-esteem and oral health, but you would wish to be comfortable with your treatment – from how it looks to how it feels. Fast Braces offers reduced treatment times but also Fastbraces®Clear, ceramic brackets that can be colour-matched to your teeth.

We encourage you to contact us for a consultation and evaluation of your crooked teeth to dampen your smile – let us show you how we can give you hope – and a gorgeous smile.

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